Friday Night with Cider and Vespas

Dear Liza,

You wouldn’t think there was any restaurant in our neighborhood we hadn’t visited yet, but there are! Last night we found another one. Our evening started at the Portland Cider House, down on Hawthorne. This welcoming space is run by the Portland Cider Company, which, as you might imagine, makes apple ciders….lots of them.

We made it a meal, a grilled cheese and Brie sandwich and a pulled pork pasty, two different ciders, and a beer for me. The sandwich and the pasty were both good, but the sandwich was better…. very satisfying with crunchy slices of apple and oozy Brie cheese on grilled sourdough. Grandpa Nelson had a big pretzel, which he said was okay, but not fabulous.

The decor of the Cider House was fun. The walls were finished with rough wood and the ceiling outfitted with dark acoustic panels, giving it a quiet, cozy feel. The front panel of an old Volkswagen van was perched on the wall, and old cider tap pulls had been made into a sunburst.

After we finished our yummy dinner, we called for a Lyft car and headed down to Vespa Portland, the local sales showroom for Auntie Bridgett’s favorite scooter. She hasn’t actually ever ridden one, but she loves their style and the idea of zooming around on one.

The showroom was having a fashion show called “A Nod to the Mod”, a fashion competition and flashback to the nineteen sixties. That was the era when my idea of “cool” was developing, so I was interested, as well. They were serving beer and had dozens of pretty Vespas set out, and over a hundred people came.

When the fashion show started, Grandpa Nelson found a comfy sofa in the back and let us stand to watch it. The clothes were interesting…some more successful than others, of course. I loved this dress with black and white paired with red and floral…wacky and delightful.

The winning look was my favorite, a pair of tight pants and an inventive, comfy leather jacket. I don’t think I could wear it, but it sure was cool.

When the show was over and we had chatted with some folks, our legs were tired of standing. So of course, we decided to walk home. I know it sounds crazy, but standing is hard on legs, and walking feels good.

We enjoyed walking through the slightly industrial area, then into the old neighborhood where some of my story’s characters lived. We passed houses that are still standing that were from around 1903, and it was fun to imagine my Henry and his best friend Frank walking along the street on their way to school.

After walking nearly two and a half miles and standing for hours, we arrived home exhausted but not broken, and watched eleven of the eighteen innings of the Giants game. We learned this morning that they won, after playing what was really two games stapled together. They may have been more tired than we were. Maybe.


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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