Open Studios (Part 1)

Dear Liza,

Open Studios HERE

This past weekend was Open Studios in Portland, where local artists invite folks in to their studios to see where, and how, they work. On a day that couldn’t make up its mind to rain or shine, we headed out.

Sharon Jonquil and her work

Our first stop was Sharon Jonquil’s studio. This is in the basement of her house in northeast Portland, but doesn’t feel cramped or dark like a basement. Along with regular oil painting, Sharon does encaustics, which are paintings made with melted wax!

Apply the wax…

Sharon gave us a demonstration of her method, using melted beeswax, a small torch and all sorts of small tools, to create beautiful works.

Melt it in!

Since this sort of work needs good ventilation, she has powerful fans and a ground level window to open, which also gives her a great perspective on her garden.

Ventilation and perspective

Auntie Bridgett knows Sharon because she shows at SideStreet Arts, the gallery where Auntie Bridgett is a member. we enjoyed seeing Sharon’s work and chatting with her about her method and inspirations.

Wonderful effects!

I liked a lot of things about Sharon’s work. Her soft focused portraits have a dreamy feel which I like. There is also an effect that comes with encaustics, a marbleized veining that is just luscious. I couldn’t stop staring at it!

After buying a few small pieces and enjoying a snack, we headed west across the Willamette River to our second Studio. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow!


Grandma Judy

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