Last Fourth in Salinas

Dear Liza,
The Fourth of July in Spreckels, California, is something special. It’s not big, loud, or fancy. The town itself is only about 8 blocks square. But going there for Independence Day morning is like walking through a warm, friendly hug.
The parade is mostly an antique car show, with a generous addition of kids on bikes and scooters. The people in the cars throw candy to the people in the front row, who then toss it back to the people who are too far away to get any. Everyone had so much fun!
Going there, I knew I was guaranteed to meet at least a dozen folks I know, and I was not disappointed. We ran into Alex Carrillo and his boys, a friend of yours from summer camp, parents of former students, and even Mr. Jim Ross Riley, talking to everyone from the roof through his microphone.

Who I will miss the most

Local baker Adrian Jimenez from Blue Aces had all sorts of goodies, and other booths selling Indian, Mexican, Filipino food and burgers and hot dogs lined the tiny, very crowded street and made sure everyone got lunch.
After a much needed rest for everyone, we all got back together at Rick’s and Kevin’s house for our last fireworks show together on their driveway. Your daddy and Grandpa Nelson helped Rick set off so many fireworks, my eyes and ears were full. When we finished the last sparkler, it was way past everyone’s bedtime and we all walked home.
I know we will have more Fourth of July celebrations together, in Salinas and up in Portland, but this was the last one for the Liza who has just turned four and the Grandma Judy who I am right now. And that makes me a little sad.

Love, Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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