Dear Liza,

Grandpa Nelson and I drove south yesterday, looking at new neighborhoods that we might want to live in.

creston park .jpg
Creston Park woods

The first area we stopped at was Creston, by SE Powell and Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Creston Park is about half the size of Laurelhurst Park at 14 acres. It has a small forested bit, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and nice walking paths around. Since it was Sunday, we heard churchbells.The rain kept most folks away…. it was just a few dogs, the rain, and the crows and squirrels that own the place.

sellwood median.jpg
Sellwood Median

We continued 3 miles further south and found Sellwood. It is an old neighborhood, with houses built around 1910. Some of the streets have median strips planted with huge trees that will make a green canopy in the summer.

nels crystal springs bridge.jpg
Grandpa Nelson on a bridge at Moreland Park

There are also great parks there. We walked through the Westmoreland Park Nature Playground. It is 42 acres of streams, geese, a really interesting climbing structure, and fun bridges. We walked a long way through the park and into the neighborhood, to a small business district near Bybee and SE Milwaukie Avenue. We stopped in at The Limehouse Restaurant and Lounge for lunch, and we found great french fries and friendly people.

Continuing down the cold, rainy street, we found a dozen or so coffee houses and chose cozy Rose City in which to warm up. The barista was fun and friendly and the tea and coffee very good, with free re-fills! There are regular cafe tables and chairs but also an elegant sofa and armchair. We saw a young man getting Japanese lessons, quiet conversations, and a fellow working on his laptop.

Buttercraft !!!

The most surprising shop we saw was Buttercraft….. a shop that sells wine and butter, and maybe other things. Even for a city known for being “foodie heaven”, this seems extreme. I wanted to go in, but the butter folks apparently don’t do business on Sunday. I will investigate further when I can.

Grandpa Nelson and I walked back through the neighborhood to look at a house that was for sale. It was old and had not been taken care of…. foundation unstable, old oil heater, electricity and floors that will need replacing. Ugh.

We drove back into our own Belmont neighborhood and found other houses for sale. Some were lovely and some just quirky.

mouse lap.jpg
Me and Mouse chillin’

By almost 5 o’clock, it was time to go home and crash…so we did!


Grandma Judy




Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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