Sunny Day in Monterey

Captain Portola

Dear Liza (and Jasper and Kestrel),

Sunday was such a sunny day, Grandpa Nelson and I decided to go to the beach in Monterey. We parked by Jack’s Park baseball diamond and walked down Alvarado Street. We had a delightful chicken Cobb salad at The Melville Tavern, a woodsy place right by the East Village Inn Coffee and MY Children’s Museum.

In downtown Monterey we saw statues of Captain Portola and Doc Ricketts, famous people from the past. The Captain helped discover the city and Doc was a marine biologist and ecologist, and a good friend of the author, John Steinbeck.

Doc Ricketts, by the train tracks where he died

We headed down to the Recreation Trail and enjoyed seeing some new construction. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is expanding its educational branch and is building a large place to house them. The crane was enormous!

Santa Rosalia

We found more statues, of a pelican, of St. Rosalia (who protects fishermen) and even a statue of John Steinbeck and some friends. I liked this one, because there was a fine hawk perched right on Mr. Steinbeck’s head! Cracked me up.

John Steinbeck and hawk

As we got to Cannery Row, Grandpa Nelson wanted a chocolate milkshake from Ghirardelli. We sat on the balcony and watched folks playing in the sand below, and wanted to join them. Grandpa Nelson took his shoes off, but I left mine on. We walked and watched kids climb on rocks and waves crash. It was wonderful!

Once we got back to the car, I investigated how far we had walked: over 3 and a half miles! We drove home and I helped with laundry, had a nap, and had some left over pizza. Uncle David says we can use the fire pit and makes s’mores once Auntie Olga and Liza are back from their day out.

Grandpa Nelson’s happy bare feet



Oh, boy!


Grandma Judy

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