End of the Year Projects

Dressed 3-D character

Dear Jasper and Kestrel,

We now have eight days until the end of our school year. For me, it is my last school year, and I want to have some fun. My class, the Dragons, have been writing stories.

A character

They created characters and drew them. Then they made an eight part story map, outlining what their hero would do in the story to achieve his or her goals. Now they are writing, in Google Classroom, the final drafts of their stories.

An Outline for a story about the character

They are also turning their characters into action figures! Using a bunch of thin cardboard given to us by Annette Agee, our wonderful cafeteria lady, we drew, glued, and ‘dressed’ our characters, and have even used more cardboard to make background for these characters to stand in front of.

Naked character
The character becomes 3-D

It was been a long process and has taken a lot of planning, patience, and figuring stuff out, but the final products are looking so good! It is good to have a project where the children are so invested in the final product that they want to stay in and work on it, and moan when the recess bell rings.

I know I will miss many parts of teaching. This is surely one of them.


Grandma Judy

3-D character gets a place to be

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