Kestrel Turns Seven

Dear Liza,

Yesterday was Cousin Kestrel’s seventh birthday! Her party had the theme of Princess Kittens, so of course special things were needed.

Naked kitten cake

I walked over to their house in Ladd’s Addition early Sunday morning to help Auntie Katie make the cake. She had gotten the hard work done already! She had baked, sliced, filled, chilled and crumb-coated this marvelous kitten cake. All I needed to do was give it a nice layer of fluffy pink frosting and watch Auntie Katie put on the face.

Artistic Mommy-ing

It is always wonderful for a mom, like me, to visit her grown up children and get to watch them recreate some of their happy childhood memories. It is comforting to know that all that hard work did some good.


After the cake was ready, I walked home and worked on the story, baked cookies, and rested up. Then Grandpa Nelson and I rode our bikes back down for the party. Lots of little girls, a few boys, and kittens! We made tiaras with ears, colored kitten pictures, ate the lovely cake, and the whole party made a parade to the rose garden nearby for a photo shoot. I stayed at the house, because Cousin Jasper was feeling overwhelmed by all the excitement. It was kind of nice to be quiet, I admit.

The Girls

Presents were opened, hugs were given, and the party was over. Grandpa Nelson and I rode back UP the hill home and crashed. We both napped and drank lots of water.

Then, at 6:00, it was time for the Rowhouse condos potluck! We took homemade bread and butter, snickerdoodles, and wine. We ate and talked and drank wine for hours, getting to know more of our neighbors and enjoying the warm evening. When we hauled ourselves back up the stairs and home, I was truly spent and slept like a log.

Being retired sure keeps me busy!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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