Another Abernethy Show

Dear Liza,

I had a busy night last week. It started off at Hosford- Abernethy School to see Cousin Jasper’s class show. I love the auditorium at these wonderful old schools, with their soaring ceilings and expansive walls that have lots of room for bright murals.

Jasper’s show was an retelling of the Frog and Toad stories that have been popular since before your daddy was born. Frog and Toad are friends and like each other very much, but don’t always agree. The show started with an argument between the two friends.

Frog feels badly about it, and asks some snails to deliver a letter to Toad. Cousin Jasper played the part of one of the snails, singing,

“We’re carrying a letter, a most important letter,

A letter Frog has written to Toad…

We’d love to stay and chat, stick around and chew the fat,

But for now we’ve really got to hit the road…”

Being snails, it takes them most of the show to get across the yard from Frog’s house to Toad’s. During this time, we see Frog and Toad having adventures together…sledding down a hill and going for walks.

In the end, Toad gets the letter and the two understand each other better. The show used songs borrowed from videos and other song writers. Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me” was a lovely last number, telling us that even when friends are different, they still care for each other.

It was wonderful seeing Jasper be so brave and clever on stage, along with all his third grade classmates. They acted their parts, sang nice and clearly, and got on and off the risers without hurting anyone. As a former third grade teacher, I know the amount of work and concentration this all took, and I am impressed.

After the show we walked with Kalman and Saul and their family over to Pastini, but I didn’t stay for dinner. I had a lecture to go to at the Powell’s Bookstore on Hawthorne! I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.


Grandma Judy

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