Other Art at PAM

Dear Liza,

The Mark Building Exterior

The PAM (Portland Art Museum) has lots of different kinds of art, ancient Native American and Canadian baskets and canoes as well as contemporary pieces. I must apologize for not knowing the names of all the pieces I refer to in this blog…it was getting on in the afternoon and I was running out of steam.

The Mark Building used to be a Masonic Temple, but has been incorporated into the museum by way of an underground tunnel. It will be more connected next year, when the above ground space between them is enclosed by a glass room. It houses the more contemporary art. This piece, called Two Figures and (Something Else) didn’t have much color, but the shapes and textures kept me staring a long time.

Two Figures and (Something Else)

Auntie Bridgett stared a long time at this abstract sculpture called Don Quixote. The sweeping shapes did indeed remind her of our favorite knight errant on his horse.

Auntie Bridgett and Don Quixote

One of the things I like about the modern gallery is the way the pieces can overlap from certain angles. I like these two pieces together better than I do apart!

Unknown piece viewed through Night Truck by Mark di Suvero

And the neon words of “Please Participate” on the wall look better as a part of the colorful blocks of this glass piece.

Please Participate by Jeppe Hein

And, of course, a classic modern painting. I love it because it looks like I could piece it as a quilt… simple lines, good color, just a little wonky, with that white triangle in the corner.

Red by the Prince Patutsky

As we were waiting for the bus, I noticed these lovely reflections in the darkening afternoon. Looking at art makes me see art in everything!

Reflecting on the Afternoon


Grandma Judy

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