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Dear Jasper and Kestrel,

The second day of Cousin Liza’s visit was very fun, full, and exhausting. First, Grandpa Nelson drove me up to the hotel Liza and her family are staying at, and we took her to breakfast while her folks slept in. We went to Grandpa Nelson’s favorite bakery, Helen Bernhard, up on Broadway. We bought doughnuts for now and cookies for later, which worked out well.

We headed home and Auntie Bridgett had some Art time. Liza, who is almost 6, loves to draw and paint, so they had fun together.

Then Grandpa and I took Liza back to Laurelhurst Park, where she found dogs to pet and kids to play with. We met Heather, who runs Oblique Coffee, with her two girls, and had a nice visit. They had brought Biscuit, their dog, and Liza took him for a walk.

Down by the lake we tossed pebbles and sticks to see them float and sink, and talked with the ducks, who quacked back at us. I showed Liza the Wallasaurus and she climbed to the top!

Uncle David and Auntie Olga let us know they were heading over, and we all went to Straight From New York Pizza, on Belmont. Very tasty, and I had a beer with the unlikely named of “Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout”. Which lived up to all the parts of its name. Except for the beaver part.

When we were fed and refreshed, Uncle David piled us all into his rented car, a Tesla station wagon with gull wing doors! Really, when they are opening, it looks like the car is about to fly away. It also drives silently, because it is electric, and parks itself. Uncle David loved it!

We drove to the Tilikum Crossing Bridge, which is only for bikes, people, trains and busses…no cars. So we parked and walked across it, enjoying the views of the sunshine on the river. Even Mt. Hood, more than a hundred miles away, was shining white in the sun. Amazing.

Feeling the need for a snack, we stopped by Ebb and Bean for delicious frozen yogurt on Division. The decorations are fun and there were more friendly dogs.

Then Auntie Olga wanted a high view, so we drove to Mt. Tabor, our little, in-town mountain. Wonderful views of Mt. Hood, downtown, and even that big statue of Harvey Scott made us smile. But by the time we had gotten back to the car, we were pooped. Auntie Bridgett had moreArt time with Liza, and the rest of the grownups had some quiet time.

Dinner was at Bread and Ink, one of our favorite places, down on Hawthorne. Salads, salmon, spaghetti and wine filled us up and got us ready for bed, where we all went pretty soon thereafter.

More tomorrow!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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