Portland Lavender Festival (Part 2)

Dear Liza,

Formal composition

While we were waiting in the line for Hawaiian food, Grandpa Nelson found us a table in the shade and fought off chair thieves. When we finally got to sit down we enjoyed our BBQ chicken and salads, drinking the water we had brought along. We saw folks getting very creative with seating, carrying the small tables to a low wall so they could perch to eat their lunch.

Line for lunch!

When we were fed, rested, and ready to move on, we watched and learned about distilling lavender oil from the plants by using steam, and got to dip our hands into buckets of lavender water, which is a by product of the process. It smelled so good!

Distilling lavender oil

I talked to a costumed lady named Kim who told me that last year, when she was not in costume, she had dunked her whole head into that bucket! She must have smelled great for days!

Lovely Kim in costume

There were many booths selling Lavender sachets, teas, soaps, lotions, wines and sangrias, sold by enthusiastic, well-informed folks. This wonderful blues and jazz combo made everything bright and happy. We didn’t catch their name, sadly.

Amazing stand up bassist and vocalist

Having seen and smelled everything, we started our walk back across the stone bridge, past the booths and across the field to the parking area. Auntie Bridgett almost stepped on one of the small scythes that were being used to harvest the flowers! It had probably been left behind by someone who had lost their enthusiasm for harvesting. I walked it back to the booth so no one got hurt.

People above the bridge, trolls underneath

Driving home, I kept trying to get a clear picture of Mt. Hood, but the wonderful clouds and forests kept getting in the way! I don’t mind, though…I’ll get closer soon.

Mountain views on the way home


Grandma Judy

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I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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