Kestrel Turns Eight!

Baby Kestrel Gayle

Dear Liza,

One thing about being a Grandma…I get to carry a lot of fun memories around in my head. I remember Cousin Kestrel’s first hours on this planet, and her tiny babyhood.

Almost standing up!

And now her eighth birthday party was this past weekend. It was so much fun! It happened the day after the Grand Re-Opening party for Books with Pictures. I still don’t know how her mommy Katie keeps going… I would be a sleepy heap.

The Abernethy School garden

The Galaxy themed party was held just across the street from Kes’s house, in the gazebo behind her school, Abernethy Elementary. It is a very nice place, with the school garden and a mural by Botjoy artist Gary Hirsch.

Gary Hirsch’s positive vibes

Kids and grownups snacked and chatted,

Lots of snacks and fun

and the little girls made ‘galaxies’ out of paper and foil, and then played a game that Kestrel made up… Comet Toss!

Making the galaxy sparkly

I sewed the comets, and Kestrel invented the game and scoring plan. Chelsea and I laid out the game area with planets and suns for targets. The game changed as the kids played, which made it even more fun! Everyone was a really good sport.

Kestrel demonstrating the Comet Toss game

After the game and some cake (baked by Katie after midnight and decorated by Kes and Chelsea this morning), tree climbing was in order.

The cake! Yummy!

Kestrel showed her skill here, except for one little slip that left her with a scraped leg. Some ice from the cooler and my striped scarf helped her feel better.

Showing her skills…..

and her resilience.

Then came presents! She got some nice art supplies from friends, and a book from me… “Stuart Little”, one of my favorites. She really loved the card that Auntie Bridgett made for her, with a kitten in a space suit.

Space Kitten!

After a while it was time for Grandpa Nelson and I to say good-bye and head off on other adventures.

But in November will be Jasper’s birthday. The parties never end, I guess.


Grandma Judy

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