Return to The Enchanted Forest

Auntie Katie ….not so sure about this…

Dear Liza,

Some smaller sculptures

Last week Grandpa Nelson and I, along with Auntie Katie and the Cousins, went to Enchanted Forest. This hand-made roadside attraction is the dream child of Roger Tofte, who bought the steep 20 acre property in 1964 and began building a fairy tale park.

Learning as he went, Mr. Tofte started with small things, like the pumpkin for Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater and some mushrooms, and then moved on to bigger things. I especially love his Wicked Witch, which has steps up and a slide down, and is very “witchy”.

Jasper on the Frog Hopper

Auntie Katie hasn’t been to The Enchanted Forest since she was two years old. Both have grown since then.

Cool skull…

Now there are rides, like the Frog Hopper and Bumper Boats. Some have height requirements… you must be “this” tall, but no taller than “this”. Unfortunately, that meant that Jasper was too big for some rides he wanted to go on, and too small for others. Feelings were hurt and howls were heard echoing through the forest. But we all got through it.

Very Gandalf-like figure on “The Challenge of Mondor”

I guess I must really be a Grandma… I was less interested in riding the rides than I was in watching the kids riding them, and really, most impressed with the skill Mr. Tofte developed in carving his magical place. Dark, spooky Caves to wander through, critters and faces and skulls in unexpected places… all these made me stop and smile in the middle of melt downs and log rides.

After lunch of pizza, watching dancing fountains and Irish music, and some ice cream, it was time to head home. The one hour drive home took almost TWO because of Portland commuter traffic. But Auntie Bridgett had tuna salad waiting for dinner when we got home.

Home sweet home!


Grandma Judy

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