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Heritage River Birch Tree

Dear Liza,

In case you thought we were only going on long adventures, let me tell you about our walk the other day. It was predicted to get up to 90 degrees, so Grandpa Nelson wanted to head out early.

Heading down Yamhill Street, we enjoyed dappled shade, friendly dogs and overheard shouted conversations from cyclists. We even found another one of Portland’s Heritage trees! These are trees …….

This one is a River Birch at the corner of 21st and Yamhill, and it is huge. I couldn’t reach around its trunk, and I needed to get well across the street before I could fit it all in to a picture. I am glad that Portland values its trees.

Water fun at Colonel Summers Park

We walked down to Colonel Summers Park, which I have told you about. It is named after an officer in the Civil War and later, the Spanish American War in the Philippines.

Some cool contraption!

The last time I saw the park, it was being remodeled. Now it is complete, and delightful. The low area that used to flood in winter has been given drains so that won’t be a problem. Delightful, silly water features have been added, for kids (even old ones like me) to play in. These are only on in Summer, and use the same plumbing for the water to drain away.

Thriving community garden

Today, the fountains were being enjoyed by half a dozen kids and a few grown ups, splashing, cooling their feet, or just enjoying the show. We found a piece of shade and hung out for a while.

We passed the Colonel Summer’s Park Community Garden, where local folks can use beds to grow flowers, herbs, or fruits and vegetables. Everything was doing so well!

Free stuff!

On the way home, we passed an informal sort of garage sale. The owners of this house have put a cover out front where folks can put things they don’t need and take what they can use. I imagine it has been useful when people need shoes or other such second hand goods. It takes a certain amount of maintenance, I’m sure, but so do most worthwhile things.

We got home from our walk to have lunch and see Auntie Bridgett off to her shift at the SideStreet Arts Gallery. See you next week!!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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