Strolling the Pearl

Dear Liza,

Old Warehouses share the skyline with newer buildings

While we were in the Pearl District, we wandered around, got some coffee, and shopped a little. I was delighted with what we found!

Beautiful brick!

Just off the North Park Blocks we found Barista Coffee, housed in one of the dozens of old brick warehouses that were built in the 1890s. Since Portland was (and still is) a PORT city, there needed to be places to house the lumber, dried fish, tanned cowhides And other things on their way out, and fabrics, machine parts and other “fancy” goods on their way in.

Showing its history

I love seeing the layers of old paint on the bricks, the hints of old signs and logos, like seeing into a building’s past.

Historic relic? Nope, family vehicle!

We saw this truck parked across the street. From the strikingly awful condition of the paint and the business name “Snider Bros. Body and Paint”, assumed it was a prop, a display for the sake of historic flair. But then two fellows came out, started it up, and drove away!

Auntie Bridgett’s pictures always make me look good…

We found “Oblation”, a shop that seemed to feature high end stationary and paper goods, which of course, Auntie Bridgett had to step into. I am so glad we did!

A new adventure…

Besides pens, papers, maps, and other such treasures, we found …typewriters!!! Old, mechanical, click-clacky typewriters! They worked, they typed, they smelled just like high school, and I spent way too much time enjoying them. At one time, we owned three of these lovely beauties, but we let them go when we were lightening our load to move. I miss my old Smith- Corona.

Russian typewriter…so cool!
And the tag makes it even cooler!

Just behind the typewriters was a real, old fashioned print shop, with half a dozen platen printing presses. They weren’t running when we were there, but I can imagine it would be mighty impressive when they are.

Power of the press, laying wait

We finally got tired and head home, catching the streetcar to the Magic 15 bus. Another lovely day on the books.


Grandma Judy

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I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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