I Like Trains

Dear Liza,

The train platforms, with Fremont Bridge behind

Yesterday we set off on our big trip north. We got Mouse and the house ready to be without us for a while by hiring Garrett the cat sitter and moving plants to a kitchen counter for him to water. The laundry and dishes were done.

We ate all the perishables and packed our own equivalent of “sandwiches for the train”.

At 1:30 we got a Lyft car to the Union Depot. This beautiful, historic train station was built in 1896 and I used it in my story of 1903! I am excited to be able to travel from this piece of history.

After finding our seats and loading our luggage, we got settled and experienced “Train Peace”. This is an expression I coined years ago while we were traveling in Europe. It is that feeling when you know you can relax once you are on the train, because now it is up someone else to get you where you are going.

St. John’s Bridge from below!!

We pulled out of Portland and headed north, crossing first the Willamette, where we got to see the St. John’s Bridge from a whole different angle. It was wonderful.

Rolling along with the Columbia

Then we crossed the mighty Columbia!! It is wide, sparkly and full of industrial shipping for a while, then we traveled with the river on one side and open fields, lumber yards, back yard sheds, and cows on the other, usually seen through the trees planted as a screen between the landscape and the train.

Since the train ran at ground level, we went under as many bridges as we went over, and as the sun went down and the light changed, we lived for the occasional flicker of a city or reflections on the Puget Sound.

Running late, our train got us into Vancouver well past midnight. We stayed awake through customs, getting a cab to the 7-11 where we picked up our key, then walked to the airbandb.

It is a modern apartment on the tenth floor or a nice, but rather noisy, building. Earplugs for sure tonight!

We have views of a freeway bridge, all sorts of old and new buildings, cyclists, bendy busses, and four high-rise buildings under construction.

I will tell you more tomorrow!!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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