Making Cookies

Dear Liza,

The other day I got to go make cookies with Cousins Jasper and Kestrel. I took some sugar cookie dough and some frosting, and even a few piping bags.

Just four shapes out of a hundred…

Auntie Katie has about a hundred cookie cutters, some of which I used when I was a little girl, because they belonged to my Momma. Auntie Katie loves using them, she says, because she gets to think about Great Grandma Billie every single day.

Kestrel chose four cutters (Jasper said he wasn’t particular) and we rolled the dough out on a split plastic bag to protect the table. We couldn’t find the rolling pin, so an empty wine bottle worked just fine.

Jasper’s great green leaves, my weird black one…

As Momma always said, “It will all work out. Maybe not the way you thought it would, but that’s okay.”

It was wonderful seeing the cousins get so good at piping frosting! It can be frustrating but they did a fine job.

Fall leaf overflow!!!

As we rolled and cut Kestrel started naming the cookies, and when they cooled enough to frost, she began creating their story.

Dressing the bride

“This is Sally and Sam Squirrel, and they are getting married. Susan is officiating at the wedding, and Fred and George reindeer are the witnesses. The wedding is in a forest because they love the forest.” I love that she figured out that she needed to turn one of the cookies over to allow Sam and Sally to face each other!

Sam and Sally Squirrel

We needed to scoot off to an event at the Hosford-Abernethy School before we were completely finished, but before the cousins went to bed, Kestrel assembled everyone for a wedding portrait. Isn’t it wonderful?

Wedding Potrait


Grandma Judy

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