It’s Crayon Box Season!

Dear Liza,

Shameless, colorful Quince

I know, I know… six months ago I was going GAGA over the Spring colors….Purples, pinks, outlandish yellows. But now I’m going to gush a little over Fall’s colors.

Maple trees playing with change

Growing up in Southern California, my neighborhood was full of evergreen shrubs and trees. “Less messy!” “Pretty all year!” everyone said. And they were right, in the same way that the same outfit everyday would be. But change…. change is good.

Even dead and on the ground, beautiful

Reading about how to care for my new-ish bonsai forest (The Hundred Acre Wood), I learned that the delicate-seeming bonsais (birch and maple, in this case) need to be exposed to the sometimes freezing cold of winter. This lets them have the hibernation period so they can re-awaken in Spring rested and healthy.

The Hundred Acre Wood

And I think that’s true for us, too. People need to rest, tune out, and re-charge. Small kids (and older folks) take naps, but those in the middle need time off, as well. Life doesn’t always make it easy, but I think it’s important.

Linden tree making lunch for birds

For me, real winter is sort of a new experience. This past year I noticed that I did more serious research in winter, not being distracted by the drop dead gorgeous-ness of blooms or leaves. In spring, my eyes began to work overtime and I walked miles everyday, just looking.

Yep, gorgeous

This winter I hope to finish my story and get it out to folks to read. A few months of grey and rain may be just what I need.


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

5 thoughts on “It’s Crayon Box Season!”

  1. Wow I really love these pictures of yours! The Quince is so deep and luxurious looking. And the multicolored leaves on the ground are right up my alley. These are all of the things that I love looking at in autumn. Spring is great with new growth and all but the real colors come out in the fall. You might have actually inspired me to get out and walk if it ever stops raining. Ciao Bella.



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