Open Studios (Part 2)

Mark Dunst

When we had finished our visit with Sharon Jonquil, we headed west over the Broadway Bridge and through the Pearl district of the city. There is a lot of construction and one way streets, and our poor Google navigator just couldn’t keep up! After a while, though, we were able to find Mark Dunst’s studio.

Noisy, dusty construction

It was as different from Sharon Jonquil’s as possible, it seemed to me. Rather than in his home, Mark’s studio/ gallery is on the street level of a high rise office building, surrounded by existing glass towers and new ones being built.

Leaves by Mark Dunst’s studio

The neighborhood does have lovely maple trees, however.

I liked him right away, because of this motto stuck onto his door. Kindness goes a long way with me.

Words to live by

Mark’s work is in oil paint, in a style called abstract expressionism. Auntie Bridgett has been doing some of this, as well. She was very inspired by Richard Diebenkorn’s exhibit at Portland Art Museum last Spring. Mark said he had spent a lot of time at that exhibit, as well!

We liked his work very much, and visited for a while before choosing a piece. Of course, we were so excited about buying it that we forgot to take pictures or even note the name!

I will post it later…silly Grandma Judy.

Interesting work (but not the one we bought) by Mark Dunst

We wandered a bit more then went home, with visions of artwork and our life in the city dancing in our heads.


Grandma Judy

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