Christmas Eve

Dear Liza,

Air Hockey at Central Bowl

I know this is out of order, and that Christmas is over. But on Christmas Eve and Christmas, I was having so much fun I didn’t write about it. So I will tell you about it now.

Christmas Eve, Auntie Bridgett and I had promised to take Cousin Kyle bowling at our wonderful Central Bowl down on Morrison. This fabulously disco and neon bowling alley is in the old Central Market which was built in the 1930s and it seemed the perfect place to spend a few hours on a chilly day.


Lots of other people thought so, too, and got there ahead of us. The lanes were all busy and booked until closing!


BUT the rest of the place was enough to entertain us for quite a while. We played air hockey (Bridgett won the championship!) , Pinball, and Giant PacMan, where I won the most games. It was a blast!

Sparkles by the Pioneer Courthouse

Then we took the magic 15 downtown to see all the decorations.

“Hello, Merry Christmas, throw my ball please.”

The ‘living room’ was full of folks and families, and we had fun with this friendly dog.

Family in the Living Room

We walked and window shopped and, of course, ended up at Powell’s City of Books. We split up and wandered, meeting up in the cafe when we were done. I found a used book that will help me write my story better. Kyle found the novel version of a graphic novel he loves. Christy bought FIVE books, and had trouble carrying them home!

We stopped by Straight Out of New York Pizza on our way home, to get dinner and then head for home. There is no joy like sitting around a table with family, eating and drinking and being silly.

Kyle looking philosophical

I put together the cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast while Kyle and Auntie Bridgett drew and chatted, and then we played Scrabble. Auntie Bridgett won! We finished the evening with A Charlie Brown Christmas and then off to bed.

One more sleep ‘til Christmas!


Grandma Judy

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