Spring Color

Dear Liza,

Yes, it is still grey and wet here, but new life is popping up out of the mud. Every walk shows me new things.

Some daffodils are blooming, but those up the street are still biding their time. They will explode into yellow in a few weeks.

Beauty springing up from the mud

Other bulbs are coming up, too. These tiny iris live just down the block and are making the most of any sun we get.

Only six inches high, but lovely

Laurelhurst Park’s ravine area is a flooded, muddy mess, with an occasional happy Labrador splashing through. But near the top of the hill, the camellias are blooming.

Two different varieties of camellia, celebrating

The first crocuses are up, having a week of delicate glory before getting pummeled by the rain.

Paper-delicate crocuses

And, as always, the moss makes everything soft, wet and green. This old portion of a sidewalk from 1911 has been rescued, moss and all, and been installed in a yard. I love that someone appreciated it enough to do that. I sigh in quiet joy.

109 year old paving …


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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