Print Artist Annie Meyer

Dear Liza,

I met a new artist Saturday! Well, she’s not a “new” artist, she’s been working for years. But she’s new to me. Her name is Annie Meyer and she has a studio and gallery down in the Clinton neighborhood, just about a mile and a half south of our house.

Annie Meyer’s print studio

Annie is a painter, but works in different media: mono prints, oils and acrylics, and ceramic tile. Her subjects are mostly abstract landscapes and the human figure. Since she is from the Midwest, she says, she paints mostly empty landscapes, highlighting the feelings they evoke rather than the details of trees and such.

Her large, dreamy works absolutely captivated Auntie Bridgett, and she and Annie talked for a long time. Annie even let us step through a curtain for a glimpse into her studio. It was wonderfully big and cluttered!

Auntie Bridgett explaining something to Annie….

I found a new connection, too! When Annie is in eastern Oregon, doing landscapes there, she works with the Crow’s Shadow print studio, that I learned about at the Fine Art Print show with Poppy Dully a few weeks ago.

I love finding all the networks!


Grandma Judy

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