Sewing for… Just Me

Dear Liza,

Isaac’s second quilt

I learned to sew back in college, when I needed inexpensive clothes to work in, and since then sewing has been a useful, interesting hobby. I sewed prom dresses for Auntie Katie, baby quilts for friends and family, and clothes for dolls and stuffties.

Tani with Naio’s quilt

Sewing has been a gift I can give to those I love.

And now, I’m doing some just for me. It may not turn out to be anything, but since I’m stuck inside and my story is on hold for a while, what have I got to lose?

Our neighborhood in Salinas…University Park School on the left

I love maps, as you know, and have spent some time trying to combine quilting and map making. I made you this map of our Salinas neighborhood, and this More abstract one of where the Salinas River flows into the ocean near Castroville.

Where the Salinas River meets the sea
Promising fabric….

A few years ago, I found this map-printed fabric. It looked perfect, like scenery from an airplane… what wonderful things could I do with it? Well, as it turns out, not what I had planned. The sections are TINY and not suitable for the appliqué I wanted.

Frustrated, I decided the printed lines were not the boss of me.
So this is my new project, where it is now. It looks pretty clunky, but we will see.

Some promises are harder to keep…

And since this project has not been promised to anyone, I can proceed into the unknown without fear of disappointing them. It is for me, and I know the risks.


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

5 thoughts on “Sewing for… Just Me”

  1. 1st of all…. can I just say how much I LOVE you?… No, I cannot. I knew then, and I know again now.. you are my soul sister… or something.. When we moved here to the Peoria area (not actually Peoria) I wanted to make friends, I had NONE. So I joined a church (instead of the bars I had been frequenting in Chicago), and found there was a Quilting group. I knew how to sew, but had never ‘learned’ the art of quilting. (I made a quilt once of pieces of old clothing when my daughter was 2 yrs old–eek!)… anywho…. these ladies taught me all about the 1/4″ rule and yada yada yada… we worked on a lovely contemporary quilt, i enjoyed it… but then, they moved on to traditional quilts… after making about 4 of my own… i wanted to be more creative…. they were stuck… had to have a pattern… even when I offered to MAKE the pattern,…. nah… so I sewed a few wall quilts, and made some patterns of my own…. but I really wished I had a friend that liked to do that as well… little did I know you were here all along…. 😦 I closed up my sewing room 3 years ago…to make way for an art room… I need to set my sewing machine up somewhere becuz sometimes I’d like to add sewing to my art… THANK YOU for posting this… it might be the Kick I needed… I love you! …. (Big Harbor… Little Boat)…


    1. Oh Ruthie, you sweet thing! Thanks so much for your comment. I am happy and joyous that you have been stirred to quilt Ish art action. I, too, encountered the “gotta have a pattern” heritage quilt folks… stuck in the mud of the past, they are.
      I do my best when I don’t let myself worry about what I’m “wasting”,…. usually time. Welp, we’ve got lots of that, now, so sew away!
      Enjoy (if you can dig out your machine!) and go do that magic.
      Love ya, kiddo.

      Sent from my iPad

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  2. You’re quiet an excellent quilt artist you know! I love your map quilts 👌 Just wonderful! Remember when we made a quilt together in college? Sure brings back memories. I’m still working full time but now (as of last week) my engineering company is working from home. However, I taking the great lessons from you for my own retirement. Thank you so much for all the great inspirational stuff to do (even in these strange times). 💌


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