First Rainy Day!

Dear Liza,

It rained Saturday!

It’s sweater weather!!
Cutie pie Bridgett with her cool umbrella

It was a big, fat, wet, grey day. So of course we went for a walk!

Pretty raindrops on Nandinas

We had some errands to run, to mail some packages and pick up a replacement coffee grinder. We found lots of puddles, happy wet dogs, and kids in new rubber boots. Bright leaves floated down the gutters and stuck to our shoes.

Clouds moving along

By the time we had dropped off and picked up, the first wave of the storm had moved along and some blue skies showed through.

And when we got home, we drew, painted, and cooked, enjoying the sound of the wind and scattering leaves.

By the time the chili and corn bread were ready, the second wave had come and we listened to the rain through open windows.

Happy Rain!!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

6 thoughts on “First Rainy Day!”

    1. Hello! I am happy you like my blog. The recipe I used for the cornbread is on the Allrecipes site and is called “Grandmother’s Cornbread recipe”. I don’t know if you can get stone ground cornmeal where you live, but it sure makes good bread! Enjoy!

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      1. Yes, you’re right, it’s been a while. A few health issues. I do my best, dear Judy, to recover. Still, though, i can’t write. Not in a mood. For the moment, I prefer to read and share the bloggers’ posts. Thank you for asking. Much appreciated. I hope you’re well. Take care.

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