Seeds In!

Dear Liza,

Finally! After months of anticipation, we have seeds and a plant in the ground at the allotment. The weatherman has promised we will have no more frost this spring, so it was time to commit.

Chilly Auntie Bridgett, drawing

Auntie Bridgett went along with me, though she is not a gardener; there is too much mud involved for her liking. But she wanted to draw the garden, keep me company, and make notes. That’s what she does.

We bundled up against the chilly morning, carrying the seeds, the lavender plant, and nifty home made garden markers along in a bag. We chatted briefly with other gardeners. After so long in isolation we long for companionship, but we were all there on our own missions. The camellia tree had given us more blossoms, and I realized it may be a good idea to trim it back just a wee bit, to give us more space and sunlight. All good relationships need a little space, right?

Lumpy bed, waiting for some care

The soil was very lumpy, and I spent a lot of time crumbling the clods between my fingers, making a smoother bed for my seed babies. I sprinkled the seeds in and patted the soil gently, laying down a bit of of decomposed straw over the top to keep them damp.

There. The seeds are right there.

When my back was tired and my fingers were numb, it was time to lock the tools back in the shed and head out. Light rain is predicted for a few days, and should get the seedlings started. I am so excited for what happens next!

That marker says “LETTUCE”. That burst of green is a lavender transplant.


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

2 thoughts on “Seeds In!”

  1. You are SO brave to put SEEDS in the ground! I usually like starting the seeds in a pot over my kitchen sink.. then when i see green shoots i plant them… at least then i know the seeds weren’t Duds… I need to get some rocks tomorrow for drainage… for my planter boxes… i’ll start an herb garden on the deck, that way i wont have far to go to check on them… Allotment… hmm can’t we give it another name? it sounds like the portion of bread you are given to exist on for a week… LOL.. I think you hit on a new name in your post. The “Promised Land” … huh? XO


  2. Hey there! I start with seeds because I am, by nature, cheap. They don’t all come up, but the proportion had been good. Of course, this is my first time growing in the Northwest… we shall see.
    I use the word allotment because that’s what these spaces in public gardens are called in the UK and I like the sound of it. “Our plot” sounds either sinister or funereal. Are you familiar with a British series called The Good Neighbors? In Britain it was called The Good Life. It stars Richard Briars and Felicity Kendall and is about a couple who decide to go self-sufficient in their London suburb. We enjoyed it very much.
    The Promised Land would be a good title!
    Take care… see you next week!


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