So Much Pretty

Dear Liza,

It was so pretty the other day, we three all walked to Zach’s Shack for hot dogs! We had the cool back patio all to ourselves, and we enjoyed our spicy Chicago dog, Dylan dog, and French fries. I even indulged in a pint of Guinness. Yum!

We were all feeling very full when we were done, and Grandpa Nelson suggested we take the long walk home.

There is always a lot to see in a new neighborhood. Spring has sprung with Forget Me Nots and flowers I can’t even name, growing from every planter, lawn, and crack in the sidewalk. It is glorious.

The dogwoods are all getting ready to bloom by our house. This one, about ten feet tall, has already popped.

And, on any walk, there is something you see that, well, you just didn’t expect to. This time, it was Bernie Sanders. Yep, a life sized standup of the Senator from Vermont, as he appeared at President Biden’s Inauguration, sitting comfortably on a front porch. We passed along our best wishes and waved goodbye.

And before we got home, we saw a dragon and covered almost four and a half miles.

Not bad for “ just an afternoon walk”.


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

6 thoughts on “So Much Pretty”

  1. Always love your posts…. I really like the artwork behind Nelson in this one…Im wondering why there is a hole in the wall… Anyway… I think it’s TIME for you to take the word “NEW” out of 2 places…
    – At top: I am a >> newly <> new << transplant
    How long has it been?…. XO


  2. True! I have been thinking about editing the description to bring it up to date. Thanks for the nudge. Hope your day is better. Thanks for carrying on for yesterday’s class, even when I could see you were at the end of your rope.. as Christopher Robin said, you are stronger than you know.


  3. The dogwood tree brings back memories of my early years. Growing up in NJ we had a Dogwood tree in our front yard on Knickerbocker Road. Every Spring without fail it bloomed so beautifully that often people passing by would stop to comment how lovely it was. Ah memories.


    1. Hi! I have never lived where there were dogwoods before! When I visited Ohio years ago I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were and would stop every time to take a picture! Now we have one right out side our balcony. I will post photos when it blooms.


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