Living in Layers

Dear Liza,

Before I moved to Portland, I lived in Salinas, where the land is very flat. The wide Salinas Valley runs for about a hundred miles, wide and flat. Down most streets you can see a long way.

Looking about half a mile down Alisal

Portland has a river, too, bigger and wider than the Salinas, but the Willamette hasn’t flattened things out much.

One of the few unobstructed views in town… down the river!

Portland has lots of hills and lots of trees. Looking at anything more than a block away involves looking through things. And I am loving it.

Having to look through things and past things makes my brain work harder, and ask questions.

Is it the house I love, or the view of the house beyond the rock garden and blossoms?

Would this flower look as lovely if it were all by itself? (Probably not, I answer myself).

And why does the moon just look prettier through trees?

Anyway, I hope you love the street you live on as much as I love mine!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

6 thoughts on “Living in Layers”

  1. I’m not so keen on our view from our house…but if I go down the road just a lil bit… I get to see the sunset “through the trees” and that is gorgeous… the moon is way high in the sky most nights… but occasionally i post a picture of it peeking thru some trees… (i know it wont Link, but copy & paste should work)


    1. Yes it did! That’s a cool link to Instagram. Bridgett does Instagram a lot, for her own art and the gallery. She finds it more visual, which she loves, and less of to the political nastiness that Facebook has become. I haven’t gotten on it yet, I don’t feel the need. But I like visiting!

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    2. Oh, and about views. Big, flat open views were my mom’s favorites! They reminded her of Oklahoma, where she was from. I imagine being in the middle of the plains, open views are what you mainly have. You have taken some striking photos of sunsets and moons, so it ain’t all bad! We actually have been frustrated, in our neighborhood, trying to get a clear view of the moonrise…. it needs to get up above the trees and houses before we can see it!
      See you later.

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