From Pink into Orange

Dear Liza,

As our spring has moved toward summer (with several bright days interspersed with soaking rains), a whole new batch of flowers are showing themselves. The pinks of early spring, the cherry blossoms and dogwoods, are giving way to oranges and reds.

This clover is over a foot tall and is growing in a parkway near our house. Clover is usually only a few inches tall! The soft, fluffy blooms are about four inches long and very popular with bees.

Thanks to my good friend and French teacher, Shawn Quiane, I found out that this lovely plant is called Helianthemum nummalarium. It is a type of common rock rose.

And the best thing about it is that each individual petal looks like a piece of candy corn!!! Love it!!

So, it is May, and we are still having chilly mornings and some wet days. I’m getting a bit impatient for some solid sunshine. Of course, I know that In July I will complain that it’s “just too hot!” but I guess that’s human nature.


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

One thought on “From Pink into Orange”

  1. WOW! I hope you gathered some of those candy corn petals! You can sandwich them between wax paper (or deli paper) and sew around it to keep it in… and include it in your Art Journal!!! the same with pretty leaves… and little floral thingees… SO FUN!


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