Putting the Garden to Bed

Dear Liza,

After a whirlwind summer of watering and harvesting, the garden is suddenly, sadly, done.

Our shorter days and colder nights have put an end to further ripening. These tomatoes and tiny pumpkin are the last of the bunch. My garden neighbors are hauling their plants out as well, not wanting to be caught with ”slime”. Apparently, once the plant dies and the rain hits, things get ugly quickly.

So, I took the wagon over to the plot and pulled my gigantic zucchini plant out by the roots. I had to cut it into smaller bits to fit into the buckets! I lay down some burlap coffee sacks to slow the weeds and erosion during the winter.

Then, with all the hardware stacked on the top of the burlap and just the catnip and lavender sticking up, it was time to say Goodbye to the Garden until March of 2022, when I’ll give it a nice dose of compost and we get to play again.


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

5 thoughts on “Putting the Garden to Bed”

    1. Yes, I’ve got scads of notes for next year, too.
      1. Start everything earlier!!!
      2. Plant dahlia bulbs (pretty flowers after the veg are done)
      3. Delicate squash instead of pumpkins (more fruit for the same space, and they are a favorite)
      4. More compost in Spring

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      1. Bulbs are cool! I’m going to plant dahlias, which my gardening neighbors say are best planted in early spring. So, once our frost is gone, in they go. For now, it is extremely wet (that Bomb cyclone thing is mostly water) and not conducive to gardening.

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