What Ever Happened to Linus?

Dear Liza,

Way back at the end of summer (which feels like forever ago) I harvested the pumpkin from my garden allotment, a small Sweetie Pie variety I had named Linus.

All though September, he just sat on the kitchen counter, waiting. He was part of our Halloween decorations, and didn’t get used for a pie at Thanksgiving.

Then a few days ago, with no ceremony whatsoever, I peeled, chopped, and roasted Linus with salt, pepper, and pumpkin pie spice. He was delicious, and just the bit of nutritious sunshine that I needed. “Summer’s not all gone yet,” he promised.

And now, I have this small, totally cool souvenir. It is Linus’s stem. It has dried and weighs almost nothing, but still has the bright orange color inside and wiry, ancient-looking tendrils.

Why did I keep it? No idea, except that it was my first ever harvested pumpkin, and the shape and color just seemed too special to compost right away.

It may get used for a paint stamp in an art project, or live in a jar with sea shells and beach glass. And it will remind me of summer, which is always good.

I hope you have a delightful Christmas, and know that I am sending you lots if smiles.


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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