The Art of the Zoo

Dear Liza,

I have showed you a lot about the art AT our zoo. Jim Gion’s lions and statues of Charles Darwin make our visits more fun.

But besides putting art in the zoo, there is also an art to creating a beautiful zoo.

So many of these are missed in a hurried dash from enclosure to enclosure, so this past visit I made a conscious effort to stop and notice these wonderful touches.

In the Africa area, there are these delightful carvings set into the planters. These let you know what animals are coming up, and give a nice rustic feel to the area.

When artfully designing a zoo, it is good to understand the climate. This fabulous moss covered wall leading down into the gorge of the Pacific Northwest area is nice all year round, but positively blooms in the spring! The moss feels like velvet and I love to walk slowly, letting my fingers enjoy the texture.

These wonderful lichens grow by the giraffes, and add to the visual interest of the planters. It is so prehistoric looking and unexpected, it really stands out.

And growing right next to the unusual lichen were these tiny, fuzzy purple flowers. They were as delicate and pretty as the lichen were weird and unworldly.

Chuckles are always good at a zoo, too. Kids want to learn about the animals, but have fun, too. This interactive chart uses funny words to let kids know that red pandas sleep A LOT, all day. Napping, resting, dozing, and dreaming are how these fluffy critters spend their time.

I hope we get to visit the zoo when you come up to visit!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

2 thoughts on “The Art of the Zoo”

  1. Wonder how many visitors who read your posts want to go back to the site and see what they did not notice the first time thru’. You are sooooo great at noticing and calling attention to details that enhance your posts.


    1. Thanks Peeve’s!
      I have some readers in town who mention that same thing. It’s nice to think I am being entertaining!
      Hope your day is good!

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