Next Steps in the Garden

Dear Liza,

I am going by the vegetable garden just about every day now. I have even started keeping my gloves there, so when I stop by on a walk, I can dig and not get all muddy.

Here is a picture of the basil plant we just put in. I am hoping to make pesto this summer, so it needs to get growing!

One of my latest jobs has been weeding the south parkway of a pretty (but destructive) weed called Lesser Celadine. It comes up in spring, with shiny round leaves and pretty yellow daisy-like flowers. It fills in areas where “nothing else will grow.”

The problem is, the reason nothing else will grow there is that Lesser Celadine had small tuber-like roots that actually poison the soil, so nothing else CAN grow there. That way, the ground is clear, the next spring, for more Lesser Celadine to grow. To pull them out, you need to get all the roots. It is tiresome but satisfying work.

Once I had enough weeds to fill my trash bag, I headed home. It was even warm enough to enjoy lunch out in the balcony!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

4 thoughts on “Next Steps in the Garden”

  1. 2 comments… ok 3. YAY!! Spring I’m so happy for you, but you might want to put your gloves in a ziplock… in case of rain. Wet gloves are…. Ick! and last… in that BOWL!!! I see corn, shrimp, grape tomatoes? and … what else??? it looks Yummmmy


    1. Hi there! Yes, when Rain is I. The forecast, I have a re-used Cascade dishwasher soap pod box I keep them in. The bowl was a salad with leftover seafood stir fry on top. Lettuce, celery, chervil and parsley, with grape tomatoes, and the shrimp and calamari rings and scallops. I used the oil I had stir fried the seafood in As a dressing. Yum, indeed.

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