Mt. Tabor Bread’s New Location

Dear Liza,

Way back in 2018, in what we now refer to as “The Before Times”, (before the Covid Pandemic) I wrote a blog about a local bakery called Tabor Bread. We often stopped by on our long walks up Mt. Tabor, picking up drinks and substantial snacks to hold us on our hike.

It had a real brick oven and baked wonderful breads in the old-fashioned way.

So imagine my horror when we heard, mid-pandemic, that because of the lack of in-person business, the bakery was closing its doors. Tabor Bread was more than a place to get muffins and sandwiches; it was a Portland institution!

Fast forward to this summer, and Grandpa Nelson found an article in the Willamette Week newspaper that said that Tabor Bread is re-opening! Hooray!! And that their new location is on Belmont Street, just a mile up from us! Hooray again!!

And just last week, as Auntie Bridgett and I were walking to deliver an item for “Buy Nothing”, a local sharing organization, we just happened to pass right this new location. We stopped in.

We found an impressive and delicious collection baked goods, and picked up something for everyone. A buckwheat blueberry muffin, a cardamom bun, and a molasses cookie later, we strolled home to enjoy our finds. Even with out their old brick oven, they were all delicious!

Also, lined up on long shelves, were many bags of different kinds of baking flours. I am always interested in trying new flours. Between the baking and the eating, of course, we will be heading back soon.

Always something new to see, find, and eat!

Love, Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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