Into Horsens

Dear Liza,

After four delightful, exhausting, art-filled days in Paris, our vacation changed gears. Your mom and Bridgett stayed in Paris, Katie and the kids went off to see friends in Germany, and Grandpa Nelson and I headed to Denmark to see you and your dad.

Our plane got in very late, so our first experience in Denmark was a good night’s sleep. (This is more important than you might think).

There are so many wonderful murals in Horsens. Two of my favorites are a robot hand freeing some birds, and a young man reading to a friend. I like that the murals reflect peace and friendship rather than anger or violence.

The next morning, you took me on an adventure to show me all your favorite places in town. Horsens is small, just about 61,000 people, and is very tranquil and safe.

We bundled up because it was very windy and just above freezing, though bright and sunny. The Industry Museum has a great play area with some challenging climbing structures. You lured me up four levels to this net-walk thing that led to a nutsy spiral slide. It put my Adventure Grandma muscles to the test.

By the fjord, you posed with this wonderful statue of a little girl sitting on a polar bear’s shoulder. I love the way she is patting his cheek.

After a few hours walking in the wind, we were worn out and had some down time. Grandpa Nelson and your dad kept talking.

We headed off for a drive to a beachside town called Julesminda. There, you showed me a climbing challenge I had to pass on. Steep, very narrow cages bridged the gap between tiny platforms disguised as fairy huts that climbed right up the side of a hill. I enjoyed watching you, but my nerves (and joints) failed me.

Later that day we drove up to the Highest Point in Denmark, called the Mollehoj. It is 561 feet high, which is not very high, actually. Mt. Tabor in Portland is 636 feet.

A thousand years or so ago, it was the burial place of Viking kings, but modern Danes carefully moved the kings elsewhere and built a tall tower (to make the high place even higher).

It is a fine place for a windblown selfie and a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape.

What a wonderful first day in Denmark!


Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

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