Heading to Auntie Katie’s

Dear Liza,

Our weather has gotten so pretty! Almost 70 F, sunny, and just a tiny breeze. Today I got to appreciate it all as I walked down to Auntie Katie’s house.
I was there for difficult reasons, but the view was wonderful. The garden at Books with Pictures is looking good, and Nick, Kitty and the staff are keeping the shop open and running well.

There is a mighty strain of strep throat racing through Cousin Jasper’s Middle School. He caught it from his best friend’s sister, and gave it to Katie. Jasper is currently staying a few nights at Randall’s Children’s hospital getting treatment, and Auntie Katie is home on antibiotics. We hope for a good recovery for all.

I took chicken soup and made sure Katie had food and a clean kitchen to live with until she recovered. Then I got some lunch for myself from Tori’s Underbite food truck (roasted cauliflower soup, yummy!)

I headed home past the East Rose Garden of Ladd’s Addition. They are all looking good, at a uniform level of new-red- leafiness. Give them another few weeks and they will they explode with color.

The neighborhood between Ladd’s and Sunnyside is always so pretty, with the yards well-tended and explosions of color! This colorful rock garden just tumbles down the side yard of this old craftsman style house, with tall red tulips standing happily above.

Sending love to you and hope you all stay well!

Grandma Judy

Author: Judy

I am a new transplant to Portland from Salinas, a small city in Central California. This is a blog about my new city.

One thought on “Heading to Auntie Katie’s”

  1. Hi Judy,   I hope Katie and Jasper are feeling all better by now.  Strep is awful!    We had a strep event when Daniel first started at CalPoly San Luis Obispo.  Strep is scary!  Daniel called home at 11pm with a very high fever. He’d already been to his Student Health Center but he was was too sick for them to treat.  I told him to go to Urgent Care that night but they were not open so he ended up going to ER on my orders at 7 am in the morning and was admitted for half a day which was a big surprise to him.  Meanwhile I told Kwan we’re driving up to see Daniel because I wanted to make him some food to help with his symptoms.  I was really glad we went.    On another note, did you enjoy Denmark?  Did Katie love your book?    We’re doing our best to stay healthy.  Everyone in our family is doing well.  Daniel and Mary just got back from a short vacation in Japan.  Jackie and Joel and Gabby have moved into a new 2 bedroom apartment as their previous landlord sold the place they were renting.  Jackie’s pregnancy is going well (in spite of gestational diabetes which Jackie has thankfully gotten under control with a special diet) and I’m looking forward to meeting my new grandson towards the end of August.    I’m trying to keep up with my garden.  My reward today was loquats and blueberries.  Figs are almost ripe. I just bought a Concord grape vine and need to plant it.    💕Elaine 

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