Early Morning Walk

Dear Liza,

Our weather here in Portland has taken a dangerously hot turn. This weekend it got up past 105 degrees….. both days! We have been very careful about staying safe, hydrated, and comfortable.

We had the air conditioning repaired a few weeks ago, so our house stays nice and cool. We make sure and drink lots of water and stay inside during the heat of the day.

And my vegetables need to be watered even more than usual. We have been going out before 9 a.m., and on Saturday it was 80 degrees F by then. Still, gallons of water will let them live through the heat wave.

While we were out, and while it was ‘cool’, we walked a few blocks. So many flowers are blooming! I noticed that most of them had been very recently watered, so their people are doing right by them. These jasmines and clematis were climbing over a trellis and making a lovely sight.

Black-eyed Susans, of course, love the heat. My momma grew them in Oklahoma when she was little.

I hope you are staying cool on your visit to your Grandpa Victor and Baba Alla in Moscow.


Grandma Judy