Feels Familiar

Dear Liza,

While we were in Los Angeles, there were some days when Auntie June had other things to do. Dogs had appointments, housekeepers came in, yard work got done.

To make a good use of the time, we rented a car and drove over the hills from the San Fernando Valley to the BEACH! The Topanga Canyon Road is twisty and turny, but if you go slow enough, it is okay. Still, I was glad Grandpa Nelson was driving.

And in about 20 minutes, we were on a sunny beach with kids, families, and dozens of surfers. This felt very familiar…. from about 50 years ago. I grew up in Manhattan Beach, and high-school-age Grandpa Nelson and I spent years talking about our future walking on beaches just like these.

It was homey and nostalgic and new, all at the same time.

We chatted with surfers, nibbled our goodies from Bea’s Bakery (more about that later) and drove on up the coast. Malibu and all the other beaches rolled by with their gift shops and beach access points. We didn’t need to stop, but were just happy to look and enjoy being there.

As we turned inland to return the car, we saw this impressive cloud forming over the low hills. It seemed to promise rain, but we knew better. Sure was pretty, though.

We stopped by Auntie June’s to say hi, and I had a visit with Zeus in Uncle Michael’s office. He is a very loving, friendly dog who just happens to weigh about half as much as me. Isn’t he massively cute?

We got the car back in time, had a light supper and a glass of wine, and fell asleep like logs.


Grandma Judy