My Life in Gardens (Part 2)

Dear Liza,

Since I was raised with gardens, I have seen the benefit of them on the mind and spirit, I have enjoyed sharing gardens with the children in my life.

Many years ago, I enjoyed watching young Isaac Godin explore my poppies.

Young Isaac

While being a docent at at First Mayor’s House in Salinas, I enjoyed encouraging g students to taste and touch sheep’s ears (useful for toilet paper), mint (for indigestion) and aloe (for scrapes and burns).

Maria meets aloe

While I was staying in Salinas with you and your family, we had some fun with gardens, too. You helped pull weeds at my dear University Park to celebrate Earth Day.

You even got the hang of hoeing weeds to help your own garden grow!

My mother was a fan of the Frances Burnett story, “The Secret Garden”. She understand that when you nurture the earth, you nurture your own soul. I believe it too, and hope you continue to grow by helping gardens flourish.


Grandma Judy