Getting Ready for Winter

Dear Liza,

A lot has happened since I wrote to you in August! You and your family have moved to Horsens, Denmark, and are discovering wonderful things to do there.

I have started learning Danish on Duolingo to get ready for our visit.

I had surgery on my ear to remove a skin cancer, and then a skin graft to put me back together. I am healing nicely.

Summer has ended and Fall has begun, with all the gardening that entails and beauty it brings.

I have planted some Hairy Vetch (a real thing) as a winter cover crop for my garden patch. It should put some nitrogen back in the soil and give it a nice green mulch come Spring.

I wrote a story about imaginary Liza and imaginary Grandma Judy, called “International Adventure Grandma”.

It has maps and secrets codes and I really enjoyed writing it! It is currently being edited by a trusted friend and I promise to bring a real hold-in-your-hand copy when I come visit in the Spring.

I expect to get back to writing this blog regularly, and hope you will come along and see what I’m up to.


Grandma Judy

Taking a Break From Blogging

Dear Liza,

I have been writing this blog since before you could read it. I started at the beginning of July of 2017, and have written 1,330 little stories in all.

You, when I started writing to you

And now, I feel like I have run out of interesting things to say. My stories are feeling stale and I want to stop chronicling life for a while and just live it.

You now

I know I will get back to it, and you will see in your email inbox or on Facebook when I do.

I love you very much and we will chat later.


Grandma Judy