New!! Bluto’s Greek Food

Dear Liza,

As sad as I have been to see favorite restaurants closing, I am delighted to see a new Greek place open just a few blocks down on Belmont. Auntie Bridgett and I had lunch today at this new casual restaurant which has the tagline “Woodfired, Greek inspired” .

We got there just before the lunch rush arrived, so we could eat and watch the folks come and go. We loved that the grill where they prepare all the meat was just behind the counter, so we could enjoy the sight and smell of it on this chilly day.

We ordered the lamb souvlaki and the chicken, along with some delightful soft bread and extremely garlic-forward tzitziki dip.

It was all delicious at a very good price, just about $10 per person.

The restaurant itself was bright and clean, featuring the blue and white color scheme so popular in Greece. The back wall was covered with a vertical garden, with tropical plants delightfully arching out of pockets.

And as it turns out, they also serve beer, cocktails and french fries, so you know we will be back!

Nice to know that change goes in both directions.


Grandma Judy