Sketchy People Year Seven

Dear Liza,

Auntie Bridgett and I took the number 20 from the Mt. Tabor Art Walk all the way downtown to see our friend Jack Kent. His newest book, Sketchy People Year Seven, was being released and we wanted to be there!

We got some coffee with Grandpa Nelson at Barista Coffee shop, then found Jack in front of Pinky, a quirky gift shop on NW 23rd Avenue. As we stood there chatting, this young man came out of the shop. He had just gotten a tattoo, right inside the shop, of one of Jack’s “Sketchy People!”

We were surprised, and Jack was stunned. That is some hard-core fan action.

We shopped and chatted, and then Jack closed up his table and we all headed off for dinner at the nearest McMenamin’s restaurant, The Ram’s Head.

Like most McMenamin’s, The Ram’s Head has a history. It is in the historic Campbell Apartment Building, which was built in 1912, and The Rams Head served as the Campbell’s dining room. In 1920, when Prohibition was passed, it became a “blind pig”: slang for a secret speakeasy, where people could buy illegal cocktails.

We loved it! The original coffered ceilings and tin wainscoting give it an old time charm. In addition to the usual quirky and delightful artwork, there are squashy chairs and a very cozy feeling.

For Auntie Bridgett to get her McMenamin’s passport stamped, we needed to find a Blind Pig somewhere… we did, finally. Right there, on the wall behind Grandpa Nelson. Can you see it?

We ate and chatted with Jack and then headed for home, via the Magic number 15. What a day full of adventures!


Grandma Judy