Dear Liza,

I can’t believe it, but it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations. Auntie Bridgett does such a thorough job of making the house pretty with bows, trinkets and candles, it is a full day’s work to wrap them all carefully and Tetris them back into their boxes.

There area lots of goodies to consider, and most of them are breakable. There is livestock….




And, of course, a National Park full of bears.

It is always hard to say goodbye to our seasonal friends, but we know that we will see them again next year.

Adieu for now, Christmas!


Grandma Judy

Hannukah Party!

Dear Liza,

After we rested from hauling the tree up over the balcony, Grandpa Nelson and I bundled up for the very cold evening and walked down to Auntie Katie’s house.

Since some streets are very dark, I wore my coat with lights in it. It makes me feel safe, and just a little bit like a neon billboard.

We enjoyed seeing the houses’ lights in the neighborhood. Some folks really go all out!

Once we got to Katie’s place, I chatted with her while she fried up a great bunch of latkes (and donuts!) and Grandpa Nelson played mini-cornhole with Jasper on the table.

We ate and talked and horsed around, and then Cousin Kestrel and Auntie Katie used her new mortar and pestle to pound dried lavender for sachets.

As we hugged everyone goodbye and headed for home, we noticed the wonderful new awnings on Books with Pictures. They will protect the books from too much sun, and keep the rain from battering the hundred year old windows.

We got home, after a very Christmas-y, Hanukah-ish day. We were pooped!


Grandma Judy