Clothes Make the Doll

Dear Liza,

I had fun yesterday, making an old doll pretty again. Cousin Kestrel got her from a shop, and she needed some love.

My Client

First, I washed her up. Years of living in toy boxes had given her some grime. A soapy wash cloth and Q-tip helped a lot! While she was drying, I headed downstairs to the fabric box. I chose a few pretty prints, but a bright stripe seemed the best bet for a simple summery dress.IMG_9331.jpg

I made a pattern out of newspaper, starting big and snipping down, making sure it was symmetrical and had a nice quarter inch seam allowance. Then I laid out the fabric and cut. I was happy with the shape.

Before I sewed the front and back together, I turned and stitched the neckline, armholes, and at the last minute, remembered the slit in the back so the dress could come off over the doll’s head. Then I sewed front to back, and put the dress on.

It was baggy, but a simple fabric belt took care of that. Getting the belt on made her look almost perfect!

But there is no fixing her hair, so I made a nice elasticized head wrap to focus on her pretty face, letting her one earring give her a whimsical charm.

Ready to play!

I had so much fun with this project, I may adopt some more dolls for make overs!

Love, Grandma Judy

Super simple edging

Inside Projects

Dear Liza,

My at-least-50-year-old machine

We are having the second (or maybe the third) heat wave of the summer, with temperatures predicted to be 103 degrees by Thursday afternoon. Needless to say, I will be inside.

But that’s all right! I have lots of projects.

First, I am replacing the bags that our park chairs came in. These are comfortable, lightweight chairs and great for seeing Shakespeare, a parade or a concert in the park, but the ripstop nylon bags are very fragile and two of the three have torn through.

Old bag

So, once I got my old Pfaff sewing machine set up, I found some fabric from previous projects and went to work. They were easy to replicate, and I was able to use all the cord and hardware from the originals.

New bags!

My project for this morning is a “Coffee Cozy” for Auntie Bridgett. We enjoy our french press coffee every morning, but by the second round, the pot gets cool. We have been wrapping it in a towel, but Bridgett has asked for something prettier. She chose some fabrics from the box and I sewed most of the morning. This is what I ended up with, a quilted, reversible coffee cozy for my girl.

Coffee Cozy fabrics
One side!










The other side!

Tomorrow, I have a bigger job. Cousin Kestrel adopted an old doll from a shop, and she is in need of hygiene, care, and wardrobe.

When I was younger, my Camp Fire Girl Troop ran what we called The Doll Hospital, where we would collect old dolls and give them clothes and charm and donate them to children’s shelters. It was very rewarding and taught me about sewing as well as helping. I will use all my skills on this young lady.

I hope you are having a good first week of kindergarten!


Grandma Judy

Wearing a modesty tube….