Playing with Words

Dear Liza,

I made a new game for your cousins the other day. Since they are very clever readers and like unusual things, I am calling the game “Recondite Confabulations” or “Abstruse Colloquy”. In more common language, it could be called “Weird Old Words”.

It is basically a series of flash cards, with a modern word on one side and three old fashioned, or archaic, synonyms on the other.

For example, Food is also vittles, entree, or sustenance. Honest is also forthright, scrupulous, and above board.

I included words for Halloween season, like Monster (hellion, monstrosity, and lusus naturae) and words kids use a lot, like Hungry, Tired, and School. They were easy to find by going to the online Thesaurus site and choosing the most obscure words. It was fun!

And to make it pretty and seasonal, I made the cards look like autumn leaves. Lots of painting! But I really like how they turned out.

I hope you have fun playing with words, too. I will make you a game, if you like.


Grandma Judy