Ostara in the Woods

Dear Liza,

Sunday, I got to spend a wonderful afternoon in the Hoyt Arboretum with Auntie Katie, the Cousins, Katie’s friend Marion, and Marion’s two kids. We hiked, delighted in the new spring growth, and had an egg hunt to celebrate Ostara, a very ancient way of recognizing the Spring Equinox.

Getting new sets of kids together can be tricky, but Robin and Moss, Kestrel and Jasper got along very well and found they had lots in common. I took the young ones on a short hike in the woods while the moms and Robin hid the eggs in The Fairy Forest.

Since this is a real, free growing forest, the egg hunt was challenging! It took an hour or so for the three kids to find 60 eggs, nestled in fairy houses or perched on low hanging branches.

Some of the eggs held candy or lovely crystals, others, tiny toys made by Kestrel and Moss. We all nibbled on jellybeans and sunflower seeds to give us strength to continue. Marion lead us in a circle to encourage us to feel our connection to the earth and to feel our energy waking up with the Spring.

When the eggs were found, candy was nibbled, and we were all pretty chilled, we headed back into town for dinner at the food trucks of Cartopia. We were enjoying the fire pits as the rain started, but we were under cover and kept eating!

As the rain came down heavier, we all hugged goodbye and went our separate ways. What a day! What a family!


Grandma Judy

Tryon Creek State Park

Dear Liza,

While I was in Lake Oswego, we made the most of being close to a state park. Grandpa Nelson, Auntie Katie and cousins Jasper and Kestrel all came down and we had a fun afternoon.

Since Tryon Creek runs right through the middle of the park, the trails in and out of the park are steep : DOWN going in, UP coming out. You start in an ivy covered, sparely spaced wood, and hike down to a fairy land forest of mushrooms, marshy berry patches, and ghostly trees.

The park doesn’t have any picnic tables, but we found a fine fallen log to enjoy our lunch on. Right near it was a “seesaw” , made of another fallen tree wedged in between two standing trees. Jasper and Kestrel, with Auntie Katie’s help, got it balanced and made it work!

Besides the seesaw, we found, further on, a “slide”, which Kestrel came down and lost some skin, and a “swing” created by a very loopy growing branch.

There was so much to see! Katie and the cousins climbed down to a boggy spot and found wonderful fungi growing in logs, and we found more just growing by the trail. This would be a perfect home for some goblins.

All in all, it was a day to have fun and remember what wonderful people my grandkids (and daughter!) are growing into!

(And now one with just the girls!)

We drank about a gallon of water and had nice long naps when we got home. What a wonderful day!


Grandma Judy