Lousy, Mean Taggers!

Dear Liza,

Sometimes, people make me so mad! You remember a few months ago, I told you about the wonderful new mural that Gary Hirsch painted on the outside of SideStreet Arts Gallery?

Mural, before tagging

Well yesterday, in broad daylight, some mean people came by with cans of spray paint and wrote graffiti (this is called “tagging”) right on the mural!

After tagging…

Auntie Bridgett called the police to report it, and then called Gary Hirsch. He said he has a special solvent to clean the black paint off with.

And another bit…

He also said that it would help if we could go give it a scrub with dry towels first, to let it look less awful and let the cleaner work faster.

Auntie Bridgett really, really hates graffiti!

We gathered some rags, headed over, and started scrubbing. Nice folks walking past told us we were doing a good job, and stopped to ask who did the mural and how it got tagged, and what a shame it was that people ruined things for no reason.

Denise, scrubbing!
Me, scrubbing…

Denise, who is a member of the gallery (like Auntie Bridgett) came to do her turn running it, and stepped out to scrub for a while. Michael Pratt, who owns the building, came out and helped, too. With eight arms, we made good progress! The parts that we couldn’t clean needed the protective varnish. I hope Gary’s solvent can help.

Auntie Bridgett and Michael

We imagined ourselves as an anti-graffiti octopus, making the world better eight arms at a time! Good company makes even the hardest jobs easier.

The mural after cleaning!


Grandma Judy