On the Art of Grandma-ing

Dear Liza,

I have been a Grandma for almost 9 years now. Your cousin Jasper, then Kestrel, then you, have given me the chance to be this special person.

Kestrel comes home 096.jpg
Kestrel and Jasper, 2011

I know from being a mom and a teacher that Moms, rich or poor, with one kid or many, are always very near the end of their rope. The responsibility of managing small human beings, a job, a house, and a life is overwhelming.

Kestrel and Jasper, 2018

I know, I was there. I have put the bleach jug in the fridge and the milk jugĀ  on top of the dryer. I have walked around the house looking for children’s shoes when the children were already wearing their shoes. I have cried my eyes out while matching tiny socks.

Liza, 2013

Somehow, Grandmas are able to take a step back. We are not the Momma. The dinner (usually) and laundry are other people’s job. Ours, for that moment, that afternoon, that week, is just to be there for that grandchild. To answer their questions, to tell stories, to show them new things and new ideas.

Jasper and I talk about science and ways to manipulate it. Kestrel and I look for fairies. You and I, Liza, go on adventures looking for history and stories.

Liza, 2018

Being a Grandma is a very special job, a sacred trust, and a lot of fun. Thank you.


Grandma Judy