Making a Party

Dear Liza,

When we lived in Salinas, we had parties a lot. Every holiday we made treats, decorated, cleaned like mad, and had a dozen folks over to have fun.

Harold and Mr. Ross-Riley in Salinas

It was so much fun!

Me as Sybil Trelawny and our cookies, eyeballs, and ‘finger’ sandwiches

And this past weekend, we had a party at our new place. I didn’t take pictures of our guests, because I didn’t want to put anyone on the spot.

So we baked, decorated, and cleaned like mad, and then the neighbors came. Stacy and John and Bella, and Jonathon from next door. Four humans not related to us, here in our house.

Wise Owl Auntie Bridgett and Grandpa ”Charlie Brown”

We even played Halloween trivia (Stacy and Bella won) and gave homemade voodoo dolls for presents.

Mouse checking out The Assistant…

We talked about food, history, books, and cats. Bella and Stacy gave Mouse lots of love and scritches, because they are good cat people.

After plenty of food and wine and conversation, the guests headed off and we tidied up, happy to have had our first, but not our last, party here in Portland.


Grandma Judy

Auntie Beewax Ooops!

Dear Liza,

Auntie Bridgett has been writing her new comic, Auntie Beeswax, for the Willamette Week newspaper for a few months now. Readers have gotten to know cheerful, eccentric Bee, her cats, her chickens, and her hive of honey-makers.

And apparently, they like what they see!

We found this out in a sort of backwards way. Today is the day the newspaper comes out, and we were going to pick one up this afternoon. But before we had a chance, Bridgett began getting alerts in her phone.

Where was Auntie Beeswax?

Our friend Jack, who originally placed Auntie Bee in the paper, has been laid off due to budget cuts. The part time (probably lower-paid) person the newspaper hired to manage the design dropped the ball, and left Auntie Bee off the funny pages. And people noticed!

We are sad for the slip-up, but it is good to be missed. And I’m sure all will be right in the end.

And just so YOU don’t miss it, here is today’s comic!


Grandma Judy

A Halloween-y Zine-y

Dear Liza,

A Halloween Zine

Auntie Bridgett makes Zines, which are hand-made magazines, called Art-O-Rama. She has printed them every two months, every year since 2012. That’s 42 Art-O-Ramas so far! She sells them on-line (at and at the Sidestreet Arts Gallery.

Each zine has a different theme, and she draws and writes about it. Some themes have been Imaginary Friends, Creativity, Monsters, and Eat, Drink and Be Merry…. all sorts of things.


Four years ago at Halloween, she was drawing in her sketchbook and this cute little witch appeared. I immediately started thinking of a story about her, and Auntie Bridgett put the story in her zine! I was so pleased!

So here it is, the full story-poem, with Auntie Bridgett’s drawings. Enjoy!

I love that Auntie Bridgett and I can work together and be silly sometimes.


Grandma Judy