Inside and Outside 2021, Part 2

Dear Liza,

Continuing our look back at 2021…

In July, harvesting blueberries on Sauvie Island got us some much needed outdoor time, and….

Celebrating Kestrel’s 10th birthday got us some family time!

Our first airplane trip in two years got us down to visit you and your family in August.

September saw us at the Kennedy School, celebrating Auntie Bridgett’s birthday.

And inside, I tried my hand at leaf printing.

October brought our very first neighborhood party in Portland.

And family fun with the cousins, of course.

As the colder November weather drove us inside, we celebrated family snuggles at home…

And Pierre Bonnard and the Nabis’ sweet portraits of family life at the Portland Art Museum.

And finally, December saw Mouse fascinated by the snow outside,

And by me making Christmas presents inside.

So now, farewell to 2021, and welcome, 2022! May you find the world kinder, safer, and healthier.


Grandma Judy