Our Christmas Tree, Molly

Dear Liza,

There is an old Irish song called ”Molly Malone” about a pretty girl who lived in Dublin. Using the same tune, here is a song for our Christmas tree for 2021.


In Portland’s fair city, Where trees are so pretty

Our Molly stands out, ‘ cause she’s seven feet tall.

She grew in Molalla

Photo from Mollala Retreat

Way down in the holla

And she is the loveliest tree of them all.

She came over the railing, And it was smooth sailing

She got covered with lights

And stands right by the door

She wears memories’ laces

And far away places

The beauty that cannot be had from a store.

***** ****** ********* ****** *******

That’s my Ode to Molly the Nordman Pine, 2021.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season!


Grandma Judy